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Category Results - Heater Cores and Heater Core resistors

Photo Item # From Description Price
71223-11991 Acura NSXHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$200
79749-11991 Acura NSXHEATER CORE$200
39886-11993 Acura NSXHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$200
70185-11995 Acura NSXHEATER CORE$200
19581-11997 Acura IntegraHEATER CORE COMPLETE ASSEMBLY$50
35464-11998 Acura IntegraHEATER CORE$45
37264-11999 Honda AccordHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$50
32878-11999 Honda CivicHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$50
70778-12001 Honda Accord2.3L HEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$50
68139-12002 Honda CivicHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$40
68005-12002 Acura MDXREAR HEATER CORE UNIT$50
68004-12002 Acura MDXFRONT HEATER CORE UNIT$50
62843-12003 Honda Accord4DR HEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$75
75520-12005 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$40
69789-12005 Acura RSXHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$90
73931-12006 Honda Accord4DR HEATER CORE$70
68365-12006 Honda CivicHEATER CORE, hybrid$50
38063-12006 Acura RSXTYPE-S HEATER CORE$90
57010-12007 Honda CivicHEATER CORE UNIT$50
71222-12007 Lexus ES 350HEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$120
60600-12007 Honda OdysseyREAR HEATER CORE UNIT$150
60599-12007 Honda OdysseyFRONT HEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$50
68262-12007 Acura RDXHEATER CORE$40
66629-12007 Acura TSXHEATER CORE$50
71878-12008 Honda OdysseyREAR HEATER CORE UNIT$120
77218-12009 Honda Accord2.4L HEATER CORE$65
64203-12009 Honda PilotREAR HEATER CORE$90
64199-12009 Honda PilotFRONT HEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$75
73843-12009 Honda PilotFRONT HEATER CORE$75
73842-12009 Honda PilotREAR HEATER CORE$65
72664-12009 Acura TSXHEATER CORE$65
65379-12010 Honda PilotFRONT HEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$75
60872-12011 Honda FITHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$60
69380-12011 Honda PilotREAR HEATER CORE$75
69379-12011 Honda PilotFRONT HEATER CORE$75
55764-12011 Acura TLHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$75
38187-12011 Acura TSXHEATER CORE UNIT$120
52272-12012 Honda CivicHEATER AND AC EVAP UNIT$99
68692-12012 Honda Civic1.8L HEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$75
75601-12012 Honda Civic2DR HEATER CORE$75
79012-12012 Honda Civic1.8L HEATER CORE$75
60979-12012 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$65
70905-12012 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$50
60287-12012 Honda PilotREAR HEATER CORE$90
60286-12012 Honda PilotFRONT HEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$75
74893-12012 Acura TLHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$75
59575-12013 Honda AccordHEATER CORE UNIT ASSEMBLY$65
61644-12013 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$50
69176-12013 Honda FITHEATER CORE$60
68834-12014 Honda Accord2.4L HEATER CORE$50
69072-12014 Honda Civic4DR HEATER CORE$70
75727-12014 Honda Civic4DR HEATER CORE$70
61903-12014 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$50
75424-12014 Acura MDXHEATER CORE$135
79819-12014 Acura MDXHEATER CORE$135
59367-12015 Honda AccordHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY V6$Call
72878-12015 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE$75
77636-12015 Honda Cr-vHEATER CORE$75
73351-12015 Honda Cr-zHEATER CORE$70
69266-12015 Honda FITHEATER CORE$100
87807-12015 Honda FITHEATER CORE$Call
87972-12015 Honda OdysseyREAR HEATER CORE$Call
87971-12015 Honda OdysseyFRONT HEATER CORE$Call
59586-12015 Honda PilotREAR HEATER CORE UNIT$90
78866-12015 Acura RDXHEATER CORE$125
86045-12015 Acura TLXHEATER CORE$100
85923-12016 Honda AccordAC HEATER CORE$75
73661-12016 Honda CivicHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$50
73750-12016 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$50
76800-12016 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$50
80869-12016 Honda CivicAC HEATER CORE ASSY$50
81843-12016 Honda OdysseyREAR HEATER CORE$60
81842-12016 Honda OdysseyFRONT HEATER CORE$75
74291-12016 Honda PilotHEATER CORE ASSEMBLY$135
78230-12016 Honda PilotHEATER CORE$135
78761-12016 Honda PilotHEATER CORE$135
85148-12016 Honda PilotHEATER CORE ASSY NOFAN$Call
85497-12016 Honda PilotFRONT HEATER CORE$100
78512-12016 Acura TLXHEATER CORE$135
87282-12017 Honda CivicHEATER CORE$50

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