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Category Results - Front Spindles/Knuckles/Hubs

Photo Item # From Description Price
7577-11990 Honda Accord90-93 ACCORD NO/ABS SPINDLE RIGHT$50
10558-11991 Honda Accord91 ACCORD FRNT R SPINDLE W/O ABS$40
21975-11991 Acura LegendFRONT LEFT WITH ABS 2DR V6$100
20674-11992 Honda AccordLEFT 92 ACCORD ABS HUB$65
14041-11992 Honda AccordRIGHT SIDE HUB/SPINDLE W/NO ABS$50
6481-11993 Honda Civic93 DELSOL FRONT SPINDLE LX,DX RIGHT$50
17321-11994 Honda CivicFRONT RIGHT SPINDLE 4DR$40
49638-11994 Honda PreludeFR-L SPINDLE / KNUCKLE ASSEMBLY$40
5987-11995 Mitsubishi Eclipse95 ECLIPSE FRONT SPINDLE ASSY RIGHT$65
26760-11995 Acura IntegraFRONT RIGHT SPINDLE NO ABS$75
2150-11996 Honda Accord95-96 ACCORD V6 SPINDLE$75
6913-11996 Toyota Camry95 CAMRY V6 SPINDLE ABS FRONT RIGHT$75
32977-11996 Honda CivicFRONT LEFT SPINDLE ABS 2DR EX$60
4067-11996 Honda Civic96-00 CIVIC EX SPINDLE FRONT LEFT$45
2119-11996 Honda PreludeF-L HUB NON ABS PRELUDE$40
27647-11997 Honda AccordLEFT FRONT SPINDLE KNUCKLE V6 ABS$75
44467-11998 Acura CLFRONT LEFT SPINDLE$70
46066-11998 Acura TLFR-R 2.5L SPINDLE$60
11568-11999 Honda AccordLEFT FRONT 4CY SPINDLE$70
35998-11999 Honda CivicFRONT LEFT SPINDLE$45
34968-11999 Honda Civic2DR LEFT SPINDLE$45
7038-11999 Honda Civic99 CIVIC EX NOABS FRONT SPINDLE LEFT$45
24603-11999 Acura CLV6 FRONT LEFT SPINDLE$75
14987-11999 Acura CLL SPINDLE 3.0$75
39589-11999 Toyota SolaraLEFT SIDE HUB W/ABS$75
37983-12002 Honda Accord4CYL RIGHT SIDE SPINDLE$75
2253-12002 Honda AccordLEFT FRONT 4CY SPINDLE$70
32000-12003 Toyota Camry03-06 CAMRY 4CYL FL SPINDLE ABS$70
31999-12003 Toyota Camry03-06 CAMRY 4CYL FR SPINDLE ABS$70
36129-12003 Honda CivicL SPINDLE 1.3$85
20614-12003 Acura RSXKNUCKLE Front passenger NO BOTTOM BALLJOINT$100
6782-12004 Honda CivicSPINDLE$75
4065-12004 Honda Civic04 CIVIC PARTS-ROTOR AND CALIPER F-R$Call
28891-12004 Honda Cr-vFRONT RIGHT SPINDLE$65
8539-12004 Honda PilotRIGHT HUB ASSEMBLY$50
53313-12005 Acura RLFront driver KNUCKLE ASSEMBLY$85
53312-12005 Acura RLFront passenger KNUCKLE ASSEMBLY$85
66109-12005 Acura RLFront passenger SPINDLE KNUCKLE$75
35178-12006 Honda CivicRIGHT BALL JOINT ONLY!!$80
68210-12007 Acura RDXFront driver SPINDLE KNUCKLE$125
68209-12007 Acura RDXFront passenger SPINDLE KNUCKLE$100
33080-12008 Honda CivicFront passenger BALL JOINT ONLY$80
50115-12010 Honda Cr-vBALL JOINT ONLY$40
60826-12011 Honda FITFront driver SPINDLE KNUCKLE$75
82357-12011 Honda OdysseyFRONT Driver SPINDLE KNUCKLE$65
87445-12011 Honda OdysseyFront passenger SPINDLE KNUCKLE$65
79881-12013 Honda AccordFront driver 2.4L AT Spindle$95
82995-12014 Acura MDXFront passenger SPINDLE KNUCKLE ASSY$150

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