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Category Results - Flywheels

Photo Item # From Description Price
10884-11990 Honda Civic90 CIVIC USED MT FLYWHEEL$40
36641-11992 Honda CivicFLY WHEEL 92-95$30
37277-11992 Honda PreludeMT GOOD FLY WHEEL$40
37183-11994 Acura Integra94-01 INTEGRA 12P FLY WHEEL$100
37177-11994 Acura Integra94-01 INTEGRA FLY WHEEL$50
10891-11996 Acura NSX92-96 ACURA NSX MT USED FLYWHEEL$125
10890-11996 Acura NSX92-96 ACURA NSX MT USED FLYWHEEL$125
13042-11998 Honda Civic98 CIVIC EX AT FLYWHEEL$30
7438-11998 Honda Civic98 CIVIC FLEXPLATE AT FLYWHEEL$40
11337-11998 Honda Prelude98 PRELUDE USED MT FLYWHEEL$50
39151-11999 Honda PreludeFLY-WHEEL$50
61082-12001 Honda CivicCLUTCH AND FLYWHEEL ASSEMBLY$Call
70632-12002 Honda CivicCLUTCH AND FLYWHEEL ASSEMBLY$75
70631-12002 Honda CivicCLUTCH AND FLYWHEEL ASSEMBLY$75
10957-12003 Honda Civic03 CIVIC HB SI DOHC FLYWHEEL MT$65
10888-12005 Acura RSX05 RSX BASE MT USED FLYWHEEL$65
32387-12006 Honda CivicFLY WHEEL MT 1.8L$50
67145-12013 Honda CivicCLUTCH AND FLYWHEEL 2.4L SI$150

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