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Category Results - Air Intake Cleaners/Filters, Resonator Boxes

Photo Item # From Description Price
98348-11991 Acura NSXRESONATOR HOSE$Call
53991-11993 Honda AccordAIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY$44
4552-11993 Honda Accord90-93 ACCORD BOX ONLY$44
18059-11996 Honda CivicAIR CLEANER PIPE ONLY$35
76421-11996 Honda CivicAIR CLEANER PIPE EX$30
41583-11997 Honda AccordAIR RESONATOR V6$45
13869-11997 Honda AccordV6 INTAKE BOX ONLY ACCORD$50
53995-11998 Honda AccordV6 AIR RES BROKEN TAB$Call
36306-11998 Acura CLAIR RESONATOR$50
55779-11998 Acura RLAIR CLEANER BOX ONLY$50
48373-11998 Acura TLAIR RESONATOR$Call
46109-11998 Acura TLAIR CLEANER BOX NOTE$50
16840-12000 Honda AccordAIR CLEANER BOX ONLY 4CY$40
52512-12000 Honda S2000AIR CLEANER PIPE$30
98624-12001 Honda Accord2.3L AIR CLEANER BOX$40
43431-12002 Honda AccordV6 AIR RESONATOR$50
99069-12002 Honda Cr-vAIR CLEANER BOX ASSY$75
27141-12002 Acura RLAIR CLEANER BOX$50
36125-12003 Honda CivicAIR CLEANER 1.3L$50
49539-12003 Honda OdysseyAIR RESONATOR$35
23420-12004 Honda CivicCOMPLETE AIR CLEANER HYBRID$50
9865-12005 Honda Civic1.3 AIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY$50
78060-12005 Honda Civic1.3L AIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY$75
67162-12005 Honda OdysseyAIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY small crack$80
51448-12005 Acura RSXAIR CLEANER BOX ONLY$60
61108-12005 Acura RSXAIR CLEANER TUBE$15
53416-12006 Honda Civic1.3L AIR CLEANER WITH MAF SENSOR$50
37204-12006 Honda Civic1.3L HYBRID AIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY$50
62538-12006 Honda CivicHYBRID AIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY$50
67514-12006 Honda CivicRESONATOR BOX$50
88610-12006 Honda CivicAIR CLEANER BOX$49
66183-12007 Honda Accord2.4L RESONATOR BOX$65
99671-12007 Honda OdysseyAIR CLEANER BOX ASSY$75
68246-12007 Acura RDXAIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY$100
99721-12008 Acura MDXAIR CLEANER BOX$50
99170-12009 Honda CivicRESONATOR BOX ASSY$45
80206-12009 Honda PilotAIR CLEANER BOX ASSE$75
47922-12009 Acura TSXTOP COVER ONLY$45
81919-12011 Honda OdysseySM. RESONATOR CHAMBER$10
55698-12011 Acura TLAIR RESONATOR$50
43719-12012 Honda CivicAIR CLEANER PIPES ONLY$Call
56337-12012 Honda CivicAIR CLEANER BOX$40
68668-12012 Honda Civic1.8L AIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY$60
75599-12012 Honda Civic1.8L AIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY$50
79033-12012 Honda Civic1.8L AIR CLEANER ASSEMBLY$50
80036-12012 Honda Civic1.8 AIR INTAKE CLEANER W/ MAF SENSOR$40
61332-12012 Honda Cr-vAir cleaner tube SOLD WITH BOX$Call
70093-12012 Honda Cr-vRESONATOR BOX TUBE ONLY$20

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