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Category Results - Hood Struts, Hood Shocks, Trunk Hinges

Photo Item # From Description Price
31054-11997 Honda Accord97 ACCORD HOOD STRUT V6$20
15708-11998 Acura CL97-00 CL HOOD STUTS PAIR$45
14273-11998 Acura CL98 CL HOOD SHOCKS PAIR$50
17089-11999 Acura CLL HOOD STRUT/ SHOCK$20
17088-11999 Acura CLR HOOD STRUT/ SHOCK$20
59112-12008 Acura MDXDriver TRUNK SHOCK$15
59111-12008 Acura MDXPassenger TRUNK SHOCK$15
41733-12012 Honda AccordRIGHT AND LEFT HOOD SHOCKS V6$40
83587-12014 Acura MDXHOOD OPENER PROP SHOCK$Call
88906-12014 Acura MDXHOOD STRUT$15

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