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Category Results - Front Doors

Photo Item # From Description Price
8432-11990 Acura IntegraPassenger 2D GOLD SMALL DING$125
21982-11991 Acura LegendPassenger DOOR SHELL WHITE 2DR$125
9414-11992 Honda CivicPassenger CIVIC DX 3DR DOOR$100
8433-11993 Acura IntegraPassenger GREEN SHELL 2DR$125
49672-11993 Acura LegendFront driver GOLD DOOR YR-505M$145
49671-11993 Acura LegendFront passenger GOLD DOOR YR-505M$145
7375-11994 Honda Civic2D RIGHT DOOR SHELL RED$100
70403-11994 Acura NSXPassenger DOOR SHELL RED dent$425
40875-11994 Honda PreludeFront driver DOOR SHELL GREEN$200
39982-11995 Honda CivicPassenger DOOR SHELL BLUE CLEAN$150
2693-11995 Honda CivicFront passenger DOOR WHITE SMALL DING$150
70112-11995 Acura NSXDriver DOOR SHELL GREEN$600
18098-11996 Honda CivicR SIDE DOOR SHELL BLACK$100
7225-11996 Honda CivicR SIDE DOOR SHELL RED NON POWER$150
49045-11997 Honda CivicDRIVER DOOR SILVER$125
34186-11997 Honda Civic2DR ELECTRIC RIGHT DOOR BLACK CLEAN$200
18263-11997 Acura CLFront passenger DOOR SHELL BLACK ()$150
41389-11997 Honda PreludeFRONT RIGHT DOOR BLK CLEAN$220
30728-11997 Honda PreludePassenger DRK GRY DR$250
5156-11998 Honda AccordFRONT RIGHT DR CLEAN WHITE$100
85747-11998 Honda AccordFront driver DOOR SILVER$Call
85746-11998 Honda AccordFront passenger DOOR SILVER$Call
85691-11998 Honda AccordFront driver DOOR ELECTRIC,SEDAN BLACK$Call
85690-11998 Honda AccordFront passenger DOOR ELECTRIC,SEDAN BLACK$100
35564-11998 Honda CivicFRONT RIGHT DOOR CLEAN GREEN$150
57085-11998 Honda CivicFront passenger DOOR SHELL RED 1 or 2 dings$140
52589-11998 Acura CLPassenger DOOR SHELL BLACK$150
20231-11998 Honda PreludeRIGHT DOOR SHELL RED W/SMALL DINGS$125
46043-11998 Acura TLFront driver DOOR WHITE$150
26424-11999 Honda AccordRIGHT PASSENGER DOOR BLACK CLEAN$199
24171-11999 Honda AccordFRNT RIGHT BLK RIGHT SIDE DOOR$100
54210-11999 Honda CivicFRONT RIGHT DOOR BLACK 2DR$125
17039-11999 Acura CLFront passenger DOOR SHELL LIGHT BLUE CLEAN$150
61942-11999 Acura IntegraFront driver DOOR SHELL GREEN$125
7421-12000 Honda AccordR-SIDE BURG DOOR.SMALL DINGS SHELL$100
79465-12000 Honda AccordFront driver DOOR SHELL GREEN, used$150
79464-12000 Honda AccordFront passenger DOOR SHELL GREEN, used$100
50998-12000 Honda CivicPassenger LIGHT GRAY DOOR PANEL 2DR$75
45297-12000 Honda CivicFront passenger SILVER DOOR SHELL GOOD$150
39329-12000 Honda CivicFRONT RIGHT DOOR BLACK$120
21909-12000 Honda CivicRIGHT SIDE DOOR SILVER 4DR LX CIVIC$150
8314-12000 Acura IntegraPassenger DOOR SHELL GREEN$150
50754-12000 Acura RLFront passenger DOOR BLACK SCRATCH ACROSS DOOR$150
70698-12001 Honda Accord2DR Passenger DOOR SHELL SILVER, dings$150
50683-12001 Honda CR-VFront passenger DOOR BLACK couple dings$250
3770-12001 Honda PreludeBLUE CLEAN$250
31489-12001 Honda S2000RIGHT DOOR RED (NOTE)$250
15054-12001 Acura TLR GREEN CLEAN$200
54350-12002 Honda Civic4DR DOOR ASSEMBLY FR-L SILVER$200
68031-12002 Honda CivicFront driver DOOR SHELL SILVER small dent$200
68030-12002 Honda CivicFront passenger DOOR SHELL SILVER small dent$200
68859-12002 Honda CivicFront passenger DOOR GOLD has a couple dings$200
67904-12002 Acura MDXFront driver DOOR COMPLETE GRAY$399
67903-12002 Acura MDXFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE GRAY$500
55385-12002 Acura NSXPassenger DOOR YELLOW CLEAN$800
62761-12003 Honda AccordFront driver DOOR SHELL SILVER, has ding$290
66267-12003 Honda AccordFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE green,$399
16116-12003 Acura RSXR SIDE WHITE DOOR SHELL$150
35767-12003 Acura TLDOOR SILVER RIGHT FRONT (NOTE)$200
61955-12004 Honda AccordFront passenger DOOR SHELL SILVER couple dings$275
71017-12004 Honda Accord2DR Passenger DOOR COMPLETE BLACK$350
65759-12005 Honda OdysseyFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE METALLIC BLUE$500
55510-12005 Acura RSXPassenger DOOR SHELL ONLY SILVER DENT$150
65022-12005 Acura RSXPassenger DOOR SHELL BLACK big dent$150
66271-12005 Acura RSXDriver DOOR COMPLETE BLUE,$150
69723-12005 Acura RSXDriver DOOR SHELL has a big dent$150
69722-12005 Acura RSXPassenger DOOR SHELL has a dent$150
66265-12005 Acura TLFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE GRAY$500
67696-12005 Acura TLFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE WHITE$400
39570-12005 Acura TSXFront driver DOOR ASSEMBLY SILVER ONE DING$350
33292-12005 Acura TSXLEFT FRONT DOOR GRAY (NOTE)$350
33229-12005 Acura TSXRIGHT DOOR SHELL$225
85106-12006 Honda CR-VFront driver DOOR ASSEMBLY GOLD$250
85105-12006 Honda CR-VFront passenger DOOR ASSEMBLY GOLD$250
73966-12006 Acura MDXFront passenger DOOR SHELL SILVER$475
32517-12006 Acura RLFront passenger DOOR SILVER INSURANCE QLTY$270
56016-12007 Honda OdysseyFront driver DOOR ASSEMBLY, RED$550
68163-12007 Acura RDXFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE BLACK$700
46286-12007 Acura RLFront passenger DOOR ASSEMBLY CLEAN$270
66266-12007 Acura TLFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE, BLACK$500
63443-12007 Acura TSXFront driver DOOR COMPLETE GRAY$350
63442-12007 Acura TSXFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE GRAY FEW SCRATCHS$350
83047-12008 Honda AccordDriver DOOR,BLACK,EX-L COUPE$500
83046-12008 Honda AccordPassenger DOOR,BLACK,EX-L COUPE$500
82199-12008 Acura MDXDriver FRONT DOOR SILVER SMALL DING$550
71328-12008 Acura TLFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE WHITE$400
73208-12009 Acura MDXFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE BLACK, has a ding$550
73814-12009 Honda PilotFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE$599
48750-12009 Acura TSXFront passenger BLUE DOOR shell only$500
72364-12010 Honda AccordFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE SILVER$550
69607-12010 Honda Civic2DR Driver DOOR COMPLETE GRAY$350
66264-12011 Honda CivicFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE, blue, ding$425
60880-12011 Honda FITFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE small dents BLUE$400
82352-12011 Honda OdysseyFRONT Passenger DOOR,BLACK DENTS SCRATCHES$400
82351-12011 Honda OdysseyFront driver DOOR,BLACK DENT LIGHT SCRACHES$400
76093-12012 Honda OdysseyFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE SILVER$670
72948-12012 Acura TLFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE GRAY no mirror$699
74823-12012 Acura TLFront driver DOOR COMPLETE WHITE,$500
74822-12012 Acura TLFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE WHITE,$650
54551-12013 Honda AccordSILVER DAMAGED DOOR$350
80401-12013 Honda AccordFR-R DOOR ASSEMBLY GRAY$575
63613-12013 Honda FITFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE turquoise$400
69106-12013 Honda FITFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE SILVER$400
75343-12014 Acura MDXFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE BLUE scratches$950
79762-12014 Acura MDXFront driver DOOR, NO GLASS, WALKIN$Call
86409-12014 Honda OdysseyFront passenger DOOR GRAY$Call
79303-12015 Honda CR-VFront driver DOOR ASSEMBLY SILVER dented$Call
86245-12015 Honda CR-VFront driver DOOR MAROON HAS SCRATCHES ON LIP$Call
86244-12015 Honda CR-VFront passenger DOOR MAROON$Call
73312-12015 Honda CR-ZDriver DOOR COMPLETE WHITE$600
73311-12015 Honda CR-ZPassenger DOOR COMPLETE WHITE$600
69207-12015 Honda FITFront driver DOOR COMPLETE SILVER$550
69206-12015 Honda FITFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE SILVER$550
78107-12015 Honda OdysseyFront driver DOOR COMPLETE GRAY$Call
80301-12015 Honda PilotFront passenger DOOR GRAY$599
78783-12015 Acura RDXFront driver DOOR COMPLETE METALLIC BLUE$750
85994-12015 Acura TLXFR-L DOOR GRAY$Call
85993-12015 Acura TLXFront passenger DOOR WITH DAMAGE GRAY$Call
66270-12015 Nissan VersaFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE, SILVER$600
77665-12016 Honda AccordFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE SILVER$575
81123-12016 Honda Accord2DR Passenger GRAY DOOR WITH SOME SCRATCH$500
83372-12016 Honda AccordFront passenger DOOR SEDAN BURGUNDY B548P$575
85266-12016 Honda AccordFront passenger DOOR ASSE WHITE$575
85871-12016 Honda AccordFR-L DOOR ASSE GRAY$585
85870-12016 Honda AccordFR-R DOOR ASSE GRAY$575
76743-12016 Honda CivicFront driver DOOR COMPLETE SILVER ding$650
76742-12016 Honda CivicFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE SILVER$750
80955-12016 Honda CivicFR-L DOOR BLACK IQ$650
81583-12016 Honda CivicPassenger WHITE DOOR has scratches, HAS DEN$Call
82813-12016 Acura MDXFRONT Passenger DOOR GRAY$950
81812-12016 Honda OdysseyDriver DOOR ASSEMBLY WHITE$675
81811-12016 Honda OdysseyPassenger DOOR ASSEMBLY WHITE$699
84817-12016 Honda PilotFront passenger DOOR GRAY NH797M$900
85376-12016 Honda PilotFront driver DOOR BLACK HAS DENT$900
85375-12016 Honda PilotFront passenger DOOR BLACK HAS DENT SCRATCH$Call
81664-12016 Acura TLXFR-L DOOR ASSEMBLY BLACK$599
81663-12016 Acura TLXFR-R DOOR ASSEMBLY BLACK$599
84197-12017 Honda HR-VFront driver DOOR COMPLETE WHITE NH788P$750
84196-12017 Honda HR-VFront passenger DOOR COMPLETE WHITE NH788P$750
86100-12017 Honda RidgelineFront driver DOOR GRAY COMPLETE$Call
86099-12017 Honda RidgelineFront passenger DOOR GRAY COMPLETE$Call

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